How to Give Yourself a Break

Often times, we get so caught up with our lives and busy scheduled that we forget to take a break. Living in the NJ/NY area can especially get to you because people are always rushing to get things done. It is nice to give yourself a breather and reflect on all your accomplishments. For me, I am currently taking a break after completing graduate school. In a way, I am also kind of forced into taking a break because I must wait for my license to process before I can begin practicing. Therefore, I am enjoying funemployment for about a month. Taking a break does not need to be as long as mine because, depending on your situation, most often your job might not be able to give you that long of a break let alone a week. Therefore, give yourself just a long weekend. Anything to break up that 9-5, five days a week schedule.

Here are some tips to think about:

Break-free from your phone for a day.
We all know how attached we become to our phones because it can keep us occupied for hours and hours without actually doing something productive. Just take one day to free yourself from social media, game addictions, and texting. Find something to do that does not involve looking at the screen such as spending time with family, crocheting a scarf, or taking a walk on the beach.

If you're a newly graduate, do not take that last summer vacation for granted.
After being a student for 20 years, you get used to the summer breaks but before you know it, you have to officially begin working like a real adult. So make good use of that last summer of fun. It is the longest break you may ever get again.

Reflect on your accomplishments.
You have kept yourself busy and worked hard to get to wear you are now. Even if your still trying to reach you goal, every step of the way counts. None of your efforts are a waste because we learn from experiences.

Don't ponder on the past or think about the little things.
When we finally have time to ourselves, sometimes we start to think about the negatives. We wonder what our lives could have been if we went on a different path. We worry about relationships and bring on our insecurities. When you are taking a break, none of these things matter because it is about rewarding yourself.

Travel the world and get outside your comfort zone.
Honestly, I believe traveling is one of the best ways to open you horizons and have experiences you can't get at home. Whether you prefer to travel domestically or internationally, just go somewhere you have not been before.

If you are not a traveler, or on a budget, find yourself a hobby.
A hobby does not have to be serious. It can be anything you like to do; drawing, trying new foods, organizing, solving puzzles, etc. Nobody is judging so even it is not exactly something productive, as long as you enjoy it, you should go for it!

Just breathe.
I often believe that by taking only five minutes of your day to focus on your breathing and not thinking about anything at all, can help ease the tension and stress. If you are religious, you can take this time to pray as well.


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  3. This post is amazing! I am easily able to have a phone-free day and it makes me happy. Just gradutated and was planing holidays but I'm torn between spending on holidays or spending on improving my photo and video content during this 3 month's so hard I wanna travel but also think that a new camera will help my content improve. ahhh life haha.
    I'll try to just breathe sometime soon!

    Lovely post!

  4. Congratulation on your graduation! I am now writing a thesis and it is a bit stressing me out! But I am just trying to calm down and be positive about it.
    Have a great weekend :D

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