Daily Skincare Routine

I have always been self-conscious of my skin ever since I hit puberty. I suddenly became aware of all my blemishes and hormonal acne wreaking havoc on my skin. And when I thought I had gotten rid of one pimple, two more took it's place. It seemed like there was an army of bacteria growing on my face and victory was not coming any time soon.

That was when I tried Proactive. My skin did improve but it did not get rid of everything. Then I started seeing a dermatologist. They prescribed me stronger topical treatments but I really had to teach myself to be persist and to keep up with it every day. I found it to be so time consuming because as a teenager, sleep was more important than waking up an extra fifteen minutes to put a bunch of creams and gels on my face. Patience and motivation is the key to everything. Once I became used to the routine, I finally saw a big improvement. It took a few years but by the time I was in college, my skin no longer looked like a battlefield. One of the acne treatments I still use till today is Ziana because I still break out once a month but it really dries out those white heads and clears up the area. I do not use it as often in the summer because I need to avoid the sunlight if I am using it or I will stop using it a couple of days before going out.

Now, when I wake up in the morning and before I go to bed every day, I no longer use Proactive because I do not have acne like I used to. I use Ole Henriksen, which is gentler on the skin, to keep my face clean. I love it because it leaves your skin feeling fresh and it definitely works for those with oily/combination skin. However, it is made for all skin types. There are three Ole Henriksen steps: 1) Find Your Balance Oil Control Cleanser, 2) Balancing Formula Oil Control Toner, and 3) Counter Balance Oil Control Hydrator. From my experience, the cleanser is nice because it helps to remove some of the excessive oils and gets rid of the dirt on my face. Then, the toner is able to get rid of the remaining dirt or makeup the cleanser was not able to pick up. I give it an extra thumbs up because it does not sting around the eyes. Finally, the hydrator does a great job in putting the moisture back in my face so it is not dry. During the winter, when my skin becomes extra dry, I like to use the Laneige Water Sleeping Mask at night.

Please note: The Ole Henriksen products were sent to me complimentary through Influenster in exchange for my personal opinion and review. Although it has been almost a year since the campaign ended and I am posting this after several months of using the products. This is not a first impression review. If you would like to review products like this, please join Influenster too and use my referral link. Thank you!

That is the end of my current daily skincare routine! What do you guys like to use or do you use similar products I use?

Photography by me.


  1. Nice post dear! x


  2. I enjoyed reading your honest review on the products. Thanks for sharing! :)


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