Comfort Over Style

No, it is not quite summer just yet and the temperature is no where near warm enough to be wearing shorts outside. There is actually another snow storm coming tonight, which is the third or fourth one in a row for the past month. I wanted to share a slightly different outfit post today about comfort over style. This was a photo taken a while back one summer that I never ended up posting because I did not think it was good enough to be posted on the blog as it seemed too casual. I absolutely love fashion and staying on trend. However, I have days when I just do not care and just want to feel comfortable.

I am sure many of you can relate. Especially in North America. You will find many people walking around in sweatpants and sweatshirts that it looks like a trend. Although I am not trying to bash those who do like to wear them because I have been guilty of walking out in sweatpants myself. Yet in other countries, you would never find people walking around in sweatpants at a mall. It is amazing to see such cultural differences between countries.

I decided to post this today because I should not be afraid to post whatever I like to wear. One should not have to feel that he or she is pressured to stick to a certain style. Wear what you like to wear. I believe the same goes for social media. You are told that it is better to stick with a specific topic so you can target a certain audience or to stick with a certain color scheme so you have a theme, but life does not revolve around staying the same. I apologize for going off track haha. What are your thoughts on comfort over style?

On a side note, I am also on a roll! I have been posting every Wednesday and feel pretty proud of myself. I want a routine to stick to so you guys know when you can expect updates from me. Thank you so much to those who continue to follow and support me! I appreciate every single one of you.

What I Am Wearing: A plain white top works with absolutely anything casual. I wore my white shirt with these cute windowpane patterns shorts and my black slip-ons. These days, I try to avoid wearing short skirts and shorts as much because I have grown out of them. Unless it is unbearably hot or I am doing a lot of physical activity, will I start wearing those things again. Casual is on high gear in these photos. Just choose simple pieces you feel comfortable in and be yourself. It is all right to give yourself a break once in a while. No one is giving you a grade on your outfit and no one should because you have the freedom to express your style.


Photography by Dillon Lee.


  1. Totally agree.. and this look seems comfy and stylish! Well done!

    x Lisa |

  2. I can totaly relate to you on this topic. You should wear what is comfortable to you. I also struggle with feeling 'my outfit pics are not good enough', so I have bunch of them that don't end up on my blog either. But I really should post them anyway. Personally, I always try my best to look stylish, but there are definitely days that I'm just not feeling it, and I end up wearing sweatpants too hahah.

    Love, Layla Rosita |

  3. Loving the simplicity of this look dear. Really comfy and carefree.

    Jessica |


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