How to Dress Warm in Winter

How to Dress Warm in Winter

New Year's Eve is here and unfortunately I am working today. Such a bummer. I am still not used to this working full time life after being in school for so many years. Although it has been more than a year since I having been out of school, this is my first time working Christmas Eve because last year it landed on a Sunday. I also worked last week for Christmas Eve. I had no chances of taking off because I used up all my vacation time for the year because of our wedding and honeymoon. That is okay, there is always next year!

The year of 2018 went by fast and I am grateful for what we achieved; two of the biggest include welcoming our puppy Maisie to the family and getting married. I can not wait to see what is in store for 2019. Now that Dillon and I are no longer planning a wedding, we have more time on our hands and more time for me to work on the blog. We also already have two trips planned for 2019 and we are so excited for them. I still love traveling and now that I have Dillon with me we can plan adventures together. Our honeymoon was Dillon's first big international trip since he was about ten years old so traveling is very new to him compared to what I have experienced but I can not wait to show him more.

What I Am Wearing: Here is another one for my sweater dress series with Femme Luxe. If you want maximum warmth, layering a knit sweater over a sweater dress will keep you feeling nice and toasty all day long. My outfits these days are more simple and minimal compared to what they used to be if you have been following me since 2011 (thank you for sticking around for so long!!!). Winter can be a tough time to dress for because it can be difficult to dress nice and still be warm at the same time. Honestly, most of the time I am just at home in sweats and do not want to go out because it is cold and I do not want to dress up. I will pretty up for the holidays though. The sweater dresses at Femme Luxe are currently discounted so if you still need that last minute holiday outfit, go find yourself one! By the way, mixing textures is a great idea if your outfit is monochrome or there are no patterns/designs. As you can see with this look, the dress and long cardigan are similar in color but what gives it constrast is the texture; the dress is ribbed while the cardigan is knitted. I am also all about reusing things so although the dress is new, I have had the cardigan for years, possibly since high school. So do not be afraid to repeat things because recycling is good! For the year of 2019, I plan to challenge myself and wear at least one old article of clothing or accessory in each of my posts. My hashtag will be #tmdonrepeat. I encourage you to do the same or otherwise donate!

As you can tell, we kept our photoshoot indoors again and Maisie decided to be my featured guest! It honestly was not planned. Every time I get on the couch, she likes to join in too. She is so photogenic and is good at looking at the camera when you get her attention. She happened to be all dressed too after recently getting groomed because these photos were taken right before we went out for our family Christmas Eve party. Maisie is wearing a Fitwarm velvet onesie from Amazon. If you have a dog, I would highly recommend their clothing because I have bought several pieces from them and always get tons of compliments. Their clothing fits her very well and I like that they cover all four legs but still keeps the bottom open so if she has to go, you do not have to worry about her clothes getting dirty.

I have a few New Year's resolutions (besides the one I mentioned above and if you plan to join the bandwagon, let me know) that I hope to achieve and if you do too, let us make a toast to making them happen. See you all in 2019! Happy new year!

Femme Luxe Ribbed Sweater Dress in Stone (SM 8/10) (c/o)
H&M Knit Sweater in Beige (S)
Photography by Dillon Lee.