Founder of The Mel Division

Established: February 2011
Contact: info@themeldivision.com

Hello! I am your average 20-something-year-old petite-sized style blogger with a love for traveling. I began blogging while I was in collage because of my interest in fashion. It all started with Lookbook. Although I was not headed toward a career in the fashion industry, I loved being able to mix-and-match different pieces together. Lookbook gave me that platform and eventually led me to creating a blog called Aetherlily. During the time, fashion blogging was booming and not many people we doing the same just yet. It was my little space to express myself freely.

Because I started growing a following, I achieved several wonderful opportunities such as being featured in a full-page advertorial of a Nylon magazine issue, was a styleTV correspondent during NYFW for Herve Leger (see photos / see video) and BCBG Max Azria (see photos / see video) shows, chose looks for the adidas Neo Label runway, and invited as a guest speaker at the Teen Vogue Haute Spot.

However, the blogging world began expanding rapidly and it was becoming more competitive. I started feeling the pressure of achieving a larger following, but at that point my stats were at a steady rate and unchanging. I posted less too because I became busy with graduate school. Fast forward, towards the end of completing my schooling to receive a doctorate degree, I decided I wanted to start over. Thus, The Mel Division was born. The Mel Division (TMD) explores a broader range of topics. With The Mel Division, I hope to stay true to myself and still do what I love.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Who takes your photos?
A: Usually it's my boyfriend husband. Otherwise, it's a family member or myself (with a timer).

Q: What camera do you use?
A:I previously used a Sony a-nex 5 interchangeable lens camera. Now I use a Nikon D3300 usually with a 35mm f/1.8G lens.

Q: What does 'C/O' mean in your posts?
A: The 'C/O' indicated that product next to it is provided for free in exchange for the blog post. I accept collaborations with brands that I like and fit my style.