Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Review

I usually buy my own face and make-up products but when I received an email to try out Neutrogena's Pink grapefruit line, I could not resist! I have been wanting to try them out and I always see their products at my local drugstore but I wanted to wait until I was finished with the current products I already use (don't want them going to waste). When I received my Neutrogena products, I was utterly surprised because I thought they were only sending me one product but it turned out that I got to try five of them!

I am not sure if you guys ever notice but I have acne-prone skin as well as acne scars. I have been battling with acne ever since I hit puberty but it has become a lot better because I take care of my skin. Sometimes I feel that I have such a long routine in the morning because of all the products I need to use but I know it is worth it in the end. Not only do I have acne-prone skin, but also sensitive and oily skin. This is why I am so excited to share this review with you all. Neutrogena helps treat unseen acne before they appear so you and myself can take our best selfies! Now the first important note you need to know about these products are that they all contain salicylic acid which is used to treat acne and grapefruit extract (for those of you who are highly allergic to fruits) so if you are allergic to that, do NOT use these products. If you do have a reaction even if you are not allergic, please discontinue use as it may be the formula that your skin does not agree with. Neutrogena notes that if you use other topical medications at the same time with their products, it may cause skin irritation or dryness so only use one medication at a time.

So far the products have been great on my skin. I have not felt any harshness or tingling from using them. However, I did have a red spot by my mouth after using the facial scrub and I am not sure if it is because I am mildly allergic to fruits (e.g. I have also tried making a DIY lemon scrub and it made me itchy), especially acidic ones. After about half an hour though, the red spot disappeared. I have not had any other reactions after using the products again so the cause is not completely known.

OIL-FREE ACNE WASH FOAMING SCRUB (C/O) - I love scrubs because you can feel your skin exfoliating as you gently massage it around your face. Once you rinse your face with water, it immediately foams before all the product is washed off. I know exfoliating may cause some people to have breakouts, especially if you have dry skin so I feel that this is a product suitable for oily skin like mine. After just 2-3 days, my skin felt smoother than before I used it. The only downside to this product is that it does contain polyethylene (plastic) because of the microbeads for those who are environment conscious. I recommend using a moisturizer after as it may make your skin slightly dry.

OIL-FREE ACNE WASH FACIAL CLEANSER (C/O) - This is probably my favorite out of all the pink grapefruit line products. It applies onto the skip very smoothly and using a little goes a long way. I use it every morning and night before and after applying make-up and it does a great job removing it. If one wash with it is not enough, the second will do the trick. I find this product best for those with oily skin as it may make your face feel tight and dry more than the foaming scrub does so make sure to apply moisturizer after using this.

BODY CLEAR BODY WASH (C/O) - This product is great for those who develop acne around their neck, chest, shoulder, or back. It also contains beads but they burst when used. I like this product because it is gentle on the skin and I have had none to very few breakouts since using it.

OIL-FREE ACNE WASH CREAM CLEANSER (C/O) - I have only used this product a few times because I prefer the facial cleanser for my type of skin but I believe this is more suitable for those with dry skin. Moreover, since this is a cream cleanser, it prevents your face from drying out as much because its purpose is to restore the moisture back into your skin. However, be careful when using this product as you should avoid the sun or otherwise avoid using it a day or two before you plan to stay out in the sun for several hours.

OIL-FREE CLEANSING WIPES FOR ACNE-PRONE SKIN (C/O) - These wipes are great when you are unable to wash your face. I had on a full face of make-up when I used this product and it wiped it all off. However, it may make your face tingle or burn slightly for a few seconds after using if you have sensitive skin. I do not use these often, only when I need to.

These products range from $6-9 which is pretty cheap compared to other brands and for the amount of product you are receiving. They all have a nice grapefruit scent that is not too strong. These products are best suitable for those with acne-prone skin. Treating acne is not an overnight thing so give it some time and before you know it, you will be treating unseen acne and will have a clearer complexion!

Overall Rating: ★★★★☆ (4 out of 5 stars)