Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler

I do not know any girl that does not own a straightener. I have thick long hair and although I have relatively straight hair, it is not perfect so most mornings I straighten it to fix any waves or kinks. It also helps reduce the frizz. Usually, I do not do much styling as I will either leave it down or put it up in a ponytail. My default is straightening my hair in sections. When I have more time, I will straighten my hair in layers which prevents me from missing any areas compared to straightening in sections.

I believe it has been a while since I last shared a flat iron review with you guys but it is because all of my irons have lasted me for several years. I like sharing a some of my beauty products when I get the chance because I find it important to incorporate with fashion style. I am excited to be sharing this new Diamond flat iron I was recently introduced to from Irresistible Me because they wanted me to give you guys an honest review. I spent the past two weeks testing it out and these are my thoughts.

IRRESISTIBLE ME DIAMOND HAIR STYLER (C/O) - The Diamond flat iron is the most light weight straightener I own. It's sleek, red color makes it cute and appealing. It is simple to use and the buttons are located in the inner portion of the iron so you do not press the buttons accidentally. What makes this more advanced than the other flat irons I own is because it is digital and uses ceramic plates with microscopic crystal particles. The digital heat display allows you to set the temperature and a green glow lights up the iron as the temperature is raised. The purpose of the crystal particles is to maintain your natural hair oils, color, and moisture allowing your hair to stay healthy. What I love most about this iron is that it automatically shuts off in half an hour if you forget to unplug. I know it has nearly happened to me a couples of times when I would be in a rush to leave the house. In addition, the cord of the flat iron is fairly long which is convenient if an outlet is not close. The cord also has a 360 degree swivel so you can hold the flat iron in any angle

The only problem I had was when I took it with me during my travels. I was at a hotel and it worked the first day but the following days it told me there was an error. I reset it and unplugged it several times but I was unsuccessfully at resolving the problem. However, when I returned home, it was working normally. There may have been a problem with the outlet at the hotel and not the iron. Otherwise, I am very satisfied with it.

Overall Rating: ★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars)


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