Travel Guide & Log: Mykonos, Greece

Do you love beaches? Than Mykonos is the place for you. Mykonos is known as the party city of Greece. Many people know it as the rival of Ibiza, and you will see plenty of souvenir shirts that reference the two. Mykonos is popular for its nightlife, therefore the young and youthful crowd is plentiful. During the day, everyone is at the beach soaking up the sun and taking advantage of water activities. There are several beaches located all of the coasts of the island. I highly recommend it as a place to travel with friends if you are planning a group trip. My family and I still enjoyed our time in Mykonos despite not being with friends because both my sister and I were old enough to be in this type of atmosphere and finds things to do with our family other than clubbing. I would not recommend this city if you have younger children with you because the evenings may be too rowdy. Not to say it is completely off the list, as there are still many family-friendly beaches.

Photography by me and my family.

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Travel Guide

✓ Location
Mykonos, Greece

☺ Language
→ Greek

☺ Weather in August
→ Sunny, Average 85-90° Lo 80°
→ Sunblock is a must during this time of the year.

✉ Currency
→ Euro (€ EUR)

♔ Hotel
Mykonos Beach Hotel (2 nights)
Address: Mikonos 846 00, Greece | +30 2289 022572
→ Reservations can be made through or any online booking website.
→ Booked a QUADRUPLE ROOM (one queen bed room with 2 twin beds)
→ Pricing: $$
→ Room includes: shower or bathtub, hair dryer, TV with satellite channels, air conditioning, iron/ironing board (on request), refrigerator, phone, balcony or patio, restaurant, cafe, bar/lounge, free self-parking
→ Free wi-fi in public areas.
→ Safe deposit box at front desk.
→ Free hotel pick-up to/from port and free breakfast buffet was included during my stay.
→ The hotel is walking distance from the Megali Ammos beach and a ten minute walk to the Mykonos town and windmills.

→ You can read more about the hotel in my review.

✈ Transportation
Bus: Public bus transportation varies depending on distance and what location you are headed. The bus operates every 10-30 minutes depending on peak periods.
Mopeds/Motorbikes: Although I never tried it myself, many vacationers use this to get around as there are many narrow roads. Rates may vary.

♨ Food & Drink
Little Venice: This is definitely the place to eat. Many people come here as it is home to many restaurants and shops of Mykonos and watch the sunset during dinner. There are tons of restaurants and ethnic cuisines to choose from. You will also find all the bars here too.

♘ Popular Places and Attractions
Windmills: An iconic feature of Mykonos and tourist attraction on the hills of the island.
Chora: The main city center of Mykonos.

✎ What to Expect
Streets: As mentioned previously, Mykonos is a lively city that parties until late at night. Areas farther away from the center center are quieter.
Languages: Greek is the official language but there are many tourists so most citizens know English.
Tipping: Tipping is expected at hotels (1EURO/day), restaurants (5-10%), and taxis (5-10%).

✍ My Itinerary
Here was the itinerary of my trip that may serve as an example for how to set up your own if you plan to travel. A more in-depth description of the itinerary is in the Travelogue below.

Day 1 (Wednesday)
→ Arrive from ferry at Mykonos Port at 12:40pm
→ Free hotel pick-up
→ Check in
→ Swim at Megali Ammos (beach)
→ Visit Mykonos Town/Chora to see Windmills and Panagia Paraportiani church (town)
→ Dinner

Day 2 (Thursday)
→ Breakfast
→ Swim at Platis Gialos (beach)
→ Lunch
→ Visit Little Venice, north of hotel filled with restaurants and shops (town)
→ Visit Ornos (beach)
→ Dinner

Day 3 (Friday)
→ Breakfast
→ Lunch
→ Take ferry at Mykonos Port at 2:55pm

Travelogue The trip from Athens to Mykonos was relatively smooth sailing and only took a few hours. Our hotel was lovely and offered free shuttle pick-up and drop off. They have a beautiful view of the ocean and are just across the street from Megali Ammos. Seeing as my family and I were only staying for two nights, we wanted to spend our time at the beaches as much as possible so we changed into our swim suits after getting settled in the hotel. Megali Ammos is a small yet quite beach just across the street from out hotel. I believe the beach chairs are free and if you get hungry, there is a restaurant just a few feet away. You may be able to catch some waves here unlike some of the other beaches if you like surfing. Later that day, we quickly dressed up to explore the town of Chora. Don't forget to stop by the Windmills! It is a popular tourist spot and on the way into the heart of the town if you are coming from the direction of the Mykonos Beach Hotel. Chora is where Little Venice is located, and as you get closer, you will notice the streets become narrower. This is a reason why many ride of bikes. There are plenty of spots to eat, party, shop, and be merry.

The following day, we visited the other beaches. All of them can be reached via bus. Platis Gialos was my favorite. It is a great family-friendly beach to spend that day at with very calm waves and shallow waters. Just behind the beach chairs are a strip of restaurants. My family and I ate at one of them serving seafood, but unfortunately, I can not quite remember the name of the restaurant. We spent most of our day there just relaxing and enjoying the water. If you are feeling adventurous, they offer excursions and you will see signs for them.

Since Mykonos is a small island, it is really up to you how long you want to stay. You can explore the main areas in two full days or just relax for a whole week. I recommend it as one of the islands to visit when vacationing in Greece.

The famous windmills of Mykonos.

View of the town of Chora.

View of Megali Ammos with Mykonos Beach Hotel just above it.

Entrance to Little Venice.

Public buses at the square to travel to the beaches.

Platis Gialos beach. Make sure you get here early to grab a beach chair!

The food at Platis Gialos.

Joanna's Nikos Place Taverna at Megali Ammos beach.


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