Layering Sweaters Over Floral Print

Spring is finally here for real! Over the weekend it was 80 degrees, can you believe that? Just a few weeks ago we had our fourth snow storm. Mother nature can have mood swings just like I do but I think she is finally choosing to stay consistent and decisive.

For today, I am going to show you how to layer sweaters over dresses! This allows you to wear a dress again without having to repeat the same look. The overall look ends up looking like you are wearing a skirt with a care-free touch of not having to tuck in your shirt. I love this look too because it is not tight fitting. You have some allowance since there is nothing constricting the waist, unless you find tights constricting then you can make do without them. I unfortunately could not go bare-legged in this weather but I did not mind wearing tights because I would wear them all the time in or out of the office. Here are some tips to layering sweaters over dresses:

1. If you plan to add prints but still want to keep things simple, choose a solid colored sweater with a printed dress. You can also style it the other way around by picking a patterned or printed sweater with a solid colored dress.

2. For the sweater, find a chunky sweater similar to mine or an over-sized sweater to layer over the dress. If you decide to do the latter, make sure the over-sized sweater is not too long that it covers up most of the dress. Stick with a sweater that only cover between half to three quarters of the dress.

3. Choose a dress that is light and airy. To add some flair, select an asymmetrical dress or a dress with ruffle details on the hem.

What I Am Wearing: I styled not too long ago on Easter. It was quite a windy day so my hair was blowing everywhere. Since early spring can still have cooler days, I still like to keep a few sweaters around. That way, I can go about my day without a jacket if I do not want to wear one. This sweater has a stand-up color so it is not quite a turtleneck but it is halfway there. I decided to get creative and put it over this pretty floral print dress because the dress alone was too thin to wear by itself with the cold weather at the time. I completed the outfit with a pair of my favorite Jeffrey Campbell boots because I need to make use of all my boots as much as I can before it gets too warm to wear them. I really want to show you guys these leather boots I got too but I just have not had an occasion to wear them lately.


Photography by Dillon Lee.