Cozy For the Holidays

How to Dress Cozy For the Holidays

I took a long unintentional break from blogging since I last posted. I am sorry for being a bad blogger! Keeping up is hard than it used to be. Since I have been away for so long, I don’t think anyone even read this blog anymore but I do not plan on giving up this blog any time soon because I still love this little space I have on the internet. I recently renewed my domain too. Well, if anyone is still out there reading this, Dillon and I got married in September after two years of being engaged. I plan to share some of our photos from the wedding in another post. It really is true when people say that you put so much time, money, and effort planning for the wedding and the actual day happens in a blink of an eye. However, a month before the wedding, we quickly introduced a new member of the family. Her name is Maisie and she is a maltipoo! We actually got Maisie when she was just 8 weeks old and now she is already six months old. It was a bit of an unexpected surprise because I was searching and searching but did not have much luck until one day I found her because someone never came to pick her up. So I woke Dillon up one morning and had him drive eight hours round trip just to pick her up from upstate New York. I can not believe how much she has grown. She even has her own Instagram so go visit @lazywithmaisie.

The holidays are here and I am trying to make every minute last as long as possible because it always goes by so quickly. I am so happy I completed my gift shopping on time this year and all the presents are wrapped under the tree. Dillon, Maisie, and I are staying local for the holidays, which we usually do and it will be our first Christmas with Maisie. My family and I like to open gifts on Christmas Eve rather then Christmas day because that is we get together with our relatives and sometimes we just can't wait until midnight haha. How are you all spending you holidays? And if you celebrate Christmas, do you open your presents on the eve or the day?

What I Am Wearing: So let's talk about clothes. With all the Black Friday sales and shopping for Christmas gifts, I tend to splurge on myself because I suddenly see all these things I need to have. My current splurge obsession are sweaters. Sweater cardigan, jumpers, dresses, you name it. Today I am featuring a Femme Luxe sweater dress I wore to work and took these photos right before I left for work. (Even used my self-timer to take the photos which I have not done in so long!) Sweater dresses are so comfortable to throw on yet still be chic and suitable for the winter season. I decided to go bare legged because I was indoors. However the weather has been extra chilly and windy so when I am ready to head out, I always put on a pair of black tights. I remember the days when I was a kid and used to hate wearing clothing that covered my neck because I always thought they were itchy and annoying but look at me now. That extra material really helps to keep your neck warm and this one is not itchy at all. This is my first time trying out apparel from Femme Luxe and I was a bit worried because I did not know how their quality was and if the clothes would fit me well because their models are very curvy while I am the complete opposite. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened my package from them to find decent material. The clothes have some allowance and is stretchy (so you have space to hide the food baby) but I would rather have them loose anyway than fitted for the style I am going for. This sweater dress is one of my top favorites from them. Stay tuned for more sweater dresses I can not wait to feature soon!

Femme Luxe High Neck Jumper Dress in Wine (SM 8/10) (C/O)
Vintage Hoop Earrings
Photography by me.