First Impression of Savannah, Georgia

Dillon and I went on our first trip together by plane back in December of 2017! I can't believe I am writing this and it has been more than a year ago. We have been working hard so taking a few days off for a long weekend was well deserved. We were so excited because neither of us had been to Savannah previously. Unfortunately, our flight was delayed by an hour due to our incoming plane being stuck in bad weather so we had to wait for another plane to arrive.

It was suppose to rain all day but we came prepared by packing an umbrella. The rest of the weekend was expected to be spotless so we planned to visit the river walk and squares later for the weekend.

Right after we arrived, we went straight to the hotel and were able to check in early at The Desoto (will be back with a detailed review of the hotel). We were given a lovely view of the Cathedral of St. John's and a balcony to view it. We left our bags at the hotel and headed straight for brunch at the Soho South Cafe. I loved the rustic industrial feel inside and was satisfied with our meals. We went back to our hotel to figure out our game plan and realized that the Telfair Museums close at five, meaning we only had two hours to get to the museums and explore all three of the exhibits. Therefore we decided to stop by the Cathedral of St. John's then walk towards the City Market. It was cold and raining so it felt like we were the only tourists there. There were a bunch of restaurants to choose from though. I bet it gets crowded during the summer when it is warm and at night when everyone wants to party at the bars. The peach sangrias looked very tempting but the weather was so dreary, I just was not in the mood. We checked into the Candy Kitchen and bought some goodies to satisfy our sweet cravings then headed towards Broughton Street.

Broughton Street is filled with stores for those who love to shop such as H&M , Gap, Banana Republic, J. Crew, and more. We actually wanted to go here for drinks at a bar instead of shopping. So we went to a bar called The Ordinary Pub which Dillon found on Yelp. I got their Peach Mule but I did not like it as much as I thought because all you tasted was ginger beer. There was barely an peach flavor. Dillon got a local porter beer and thought it was tasty.

After that, we did check out some of the nearby stores then headed to Zunzi's in the pouring rain. We were so thankful for our umbrella. Zunzi's is a South African inspired takeout shop that makes delicious chicken and sausage sandwiches. We ordered take out and went back to our hotel.

I honestly did not realize how close in proximity everything was to each other because I was expecting Savannah to be bigger but I loved it because it made it easy for Dillon and me to enjoy our time and not rush. By the time we got back to our hotel, we had passed by several squares already. Our first day was mainly spent quickly browsing the area for places to eat and drink since we wanted to do outdoor tourist activities the following day when the weather was nicer. Despite the rain, we did not need to take a cab because everything was so close.

Our first impression of Savannah, Georgia was all right just because the weather put us down a little but we thoroughly enjoyed the coming days after that. We literally had to warm up to Savannah because one of the hotel employees at the DeSoto told us we coincidentally came on the coldest weekend they have had all season. They joked we must have brought the cold weather down with us from New Jersey. Have you visited Savannah? I would love to hear your experience! The rest of our trip there was amazing and I plan to share more soon. Let us know if you like these first impression posts, which are basically experiences of our first day in a new location (these posts are drafted the day of but are edited and published at a later date) because they are pretty fun to write.

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