One Shoulder and Slits

Hope you all are having a good start to the new year! I am having a pretty good one myself. Dillon, Maisie, and I have been having relaxing weekends at home. We needed to slow things down since the holidays were a bit hectic and we spent more than we should have. I know that should not be surprising but I got carried away with all the holiday sales on gifts for my family and myself haha. Staying home these past two weekends helps budget and save, but we bought two new games for the Nintendo Switch. So you can just imagine how many hours we have been spending on staring at the television...and not just on the weekends. We started with Super Smash Brothers Ultimate first right before Christmas and I love that they turned it into an adventure game, not just a fighting/battling game. You get to unlock the main characters and sub characters and save characters in the World of Light. The second game we purchased just a week ago was the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. I was not planning on getting it until later but then I saw previews and videos of other people playing the game so I had to get it. We had to purchase the game in store because we did not have enough memory on the game console for it, nor did I have a memory card to spare. The game is a huge file and I realized why once we started playing. The world that you get to explore is huge and you have so much freedom in the game. I honestly have not played any Zelda games since it was on Game Boy Color. I am amazed at how video game creators can now expand the interactivity and improve details into these video games. This may take up the rest of my time in January...but I plan to make at least another post before the month ends! We shall see what happens.

What I Am Wearing: This is another piece I was excited to share with you guys as part of my continuing collaboration with Femme Luxe. This will actually be the last post featuring them. I have not worn this dress out yet because it has just been way too cold out and I will probably have to save it for the spring. The weather here has been in the 30s but so far no snow accumulation. I decided to dress down by wearing some casual slip ons. It is curve-hugging but not tight. I do not have prominent curves but it still fits well. If you do though, I would highly recommend it. This piece is also very comfortable with its soft material. This dress is not striped but it is ribbed. The ribbed vertical design helps to elongate your body which is a plus for me because I am petite. To add some complexity to this dress, there is a slit on the bottom and it is one shoulder.

What are your thoughts on one shoulder dresses? I do think they are not as in-style as they used to be. Do you think they will be making a come back? It actually is not make favorite detail of the dress. The slit is though and I love slits. Not only is it appealing but it allow for more leg movement. I usually can not wear dresses or skirts below the knee unless it has a slit because it is so difficult to walk with them especially when I am trying to speed walk, which I tend to do a lot whether I am running errands or at work.

As always, let me know if you guys need help styling or if there is an outfit you would like me to style to help inspire you with new ideas! I love hearing from you guys. Thank you to all who have commented on my last recent posts. I do read them and visit those of you who have blogs too. It is always good to know there are those of you who actually come by and read what I have to say. Stay tuned for another post again soon!

Femme Luxa Ribbed One Shoulder Dress in Blush (SM 8/10) (c/o)
Nastygal Slip Ons in White (6)
For another similar style - off shoulder maxi dress
Photography by Dillon Lee.