5 Store Favorites for Petite Sizes

If you are like me and find that clothes tend to fit you fine except in the height department, try the petite section. Petite does not mean you need to be short and skinny. As long as you are 5'3"-5'4" or below, the petite section may be the answer to your problems! Petite clothing is not any more expensive than regular sized apparel. Although sometimes you will have to search around to find the petite section in store because sometimes it is a small section that is hidden from plain sight. I find shopping for petite clothing easier online. As long as you know your size, you do not have to worry about wondering if that dress is going to be too long on you or if that jacket will swallow you whole. Today I am sharing my top 5 favorite stores to shop at that have a petite section.

  • Anthropologie - For all your bohemian needs, shop here online or in-store. In general, they are a bit pricier but if you are shopping for a special occasion, it is worth it. If you are lucky, you can snag something in petite-sizing in the sale section. $$$

  • Asos - I absolutely love their petite section because they have a large selection of apparel to choose from. I have bought several petite-sized pants and dresses from they and they fit perfectly. They are my favorite online store for petite clothing from casual to formal wear. $$

  • Loft - This is more of my recent places I started shopping at because it was not really my style when I was younger but now it is. I have found comfortable casual and business casual clothing here that I really like in their petite section. If you shop during their big sales, you can sometimes score really low prices. Last February, I purchased around 10-15 items that were all on sale for approximately $6-$15 dollar each! It was a good haul. $-$$

  • Macys - This department store will always be on my list because there is always one located at any mall I go to. I do not always shop here for petite clothing because they do not always have the latest styles I am looking for but it is my backup if I am having trouble looking for something. $$

  • Nordstrom Rack - This is my favorite for petite clothing both online and in-store. I still prefer to try clothes on before purchasing and since I live close to one, I can also shop online but if I need to return something, it is easy to just stop by and get my refund or exchange for something else. $-$$

On a last note, Topshop used to be on my list but there is news that they are closing all their stores in the US because they are filing for bankruptcy. This is due to the owner because accused of sexual misconduct and accusations of racism and employee harassment. It is unfortunate because I used to love shopping here and own several pieces I love to wear. I have decided not to link them and removed my affiliate link to their store.

What I Am Wearing: A petite dress from Asos that is perfect for the hot summer days. It is light-weight and does not need to be over-accessorized. I wore this to Italy last September when Dillon and I went on our honeymoon.


Photography by Dillon Lee.

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